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Once upon a time a boy went to the forest. Suddenly, he fell into the hole in the ground, deep into a cave full of... mushrooms! Help the boy get out of the cave. Use different kinds of mushrooms in order to help you progress through. Give this little boy a possibility to see the Sun again...


[A] [D] - Run

[SPACE] - Jump

[RMB] - Aim

[LMB] - Shoot

[1][2][3][4] [5] or MOUSE WHEEL - change mushroom seed type


The 1st mushroom - sticks to walls, may be used as platform

The 2nd mushroom - a plain one, really tall, let you reach ledges etc.

The 3rd mushroom - a jumping mushroom, jump on it to geta jump boost

The 4th mushroom - bomb mushroom

The 5th mushroom - mushroom with light - lets you collect already placed mushrooms


Shroombo.rar 118 MB

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